Hotel Sagar Kanya Inn believes in helping its customer as far as possible, and therefore has a liberal cancellation policy for booking of our rooms. We sell our rooms everyday on rental basis and have thousands satisfied customers worldwide, our support is second to none. We generally have two stages of cancellation. The cancellation of booking is covered by our 21 days money back guarantee i.e. refunds will be processed within 21 days period:

  • Requests, that are made at least 7 days before the "Booking Date", will be considered for cancellation & no cancellation shall be entertained after that.
  • No cancellation shall be entertained for the booking made during special occasions (Ratha Jatra, Durga Puja, X-mas etc. and other Holy days).
  • Check in should be made within 24 hrs of the booking date, else booking shall be treated as cancelled.

Stages & Charges of Cancellation :

  • 7 days before the "Booking Date" (the cancellation charge will be 50% of the booking amount)
  • 30 days before the "Booking Date" (the cancellation charge will be 1day´s Room rent)

Refund Policy :

If you cancel booking for any reason we issue a refund cheerfully. To request a refund, simply call us (+91-7064100600/400) with your booking details at least 7 days before the booking date. Please, include your booking number sent to you via email after booking and reason for your cancellation (optional). Your feed back is valuable to us & helps us to improve our quality of service. Or, you can request a refund through online at To do this, just click on the cancellation tab at end of the booking page, put your GRC no. (Provided at the time of booking) and fill up the form accordingly. Refunded amount will be returned to your bank account after deducting the respective cancellation charges within 21 days.